LUM Offers Overnight Shelter & More

Emergency Shelter & Winter Warming Station

The LUM Emergency Shelter provides short-term, overnight shelter, meals, and showers in a safe and caring environment for up to 44 homeless adults each night of the year. The LUM Winter Warming Station complements these services from November to April, providing basic accommodations for an additional 20-40 individuals. Due to COVID-19, LUM has also been assisting in the management of the Annex Day Shelter, which provides an alternate day shelter during periods of quarantine.

Since 1984, the LUM member churches have been working together to provide a safe, clean, nurturing overnight shelter 365 nights a year to individuals experiencing homelessness. For 38 years, LUM Homeless Services has served and provided the following:

  • 253,500 bed nights | 10,660 individual shelter guests 253,500 evening meals

Through the synergistic efforts of so many people in this community, LUM is offering more than just a safe and clean shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness. LUM gives to shelter guests the support, encouragement, and tools needed to live more independent, self-sufficient, and fulfilling lives.

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