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LUM Counselors LOVE Their Camp Experience

During the LUM Summer of Service, there is no better way to volunteer than being a LUM Camp counselorCounselors are needed from 11 a.m. Monday, July 26 to 4 p.m. Friday, July 30

Volunteer camp counselors must be at least 18 years old, enjoy working with children and be able to spend the entire week at camp. Individuals 16 to 18 years old may apply to be a “Junior” counselor.

Our LUM Camp volunteers consistently share how much they LOVE their camp experience. LUM Camp volunteer-counselors recently shared, “What LUM Camp means me.

  • As a former LUM Camp camper, I was excited to volunteer and provide a happy experience as a counselor. It was the highlight of my summer. ~Ash
  • LUM Camp means a week of being outdoors, doing things I never do in my normal life. I meet new people and get lots of exercise. ~Tricia
  • So refreshing to be around young energy! They gave me quite a lift! ~Linda
  • This being my ninth year as counselor, LUM Camp is a blessing to me, seeing the kids go from shy and wanting to go home to not wanting to leave. LUM Camp has enabled me to be recognized around town by my campers and puts a smile on the kid’s faces. ~Savannah
  • Over the past four LUM Camps, I’ve observed more than 100 campers grow in self-confidence, knowledge and respect for others, as they experience a week filled with fun, food and faith. ~Gayle
  • Being a LUM Camp counselor means I get to help kids learn the fun of being a kid and be one myself again. ~April
  • Being a LUM Camp counselor has rewarded me the satisfaction of seeing the excitement, energy, confidence and joy when a child scales the climbing wall, splashes in the pool, navigates a canoe, zips through the trees. What a fun and exhausting week! ~Mary Ann (pictured)

This could be YOU! Be a LUM Camp counselor this year. It will be the best week of your summer.

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