Planning for LUM Summer Camp Has Begun

Dear Friends,

I remember the fear in the eyes of an 8-year-old girl as she tried the zip-line for the first time in her life. We zoomed over the creek and trees, her eyes wide. As we reached the ground, she gave me a high-five. Then, with a whole new confidence in those eyes, she walked up the hill to get in line for another turn. 

Last year, in spite of all the risks and complications caused by the pandemic, LUM Camp still happened and was a huge success. More than 40 children had the time of their lives, even while wearing their face masks. Personally, it was the best week of my first year as the LUM executive director. As I experienced for myself last summer, LUM Camp is one the finest overnight summer camp programs available to children anywhere. With so many children eagerly awaiting their chance to attend, would you please invest in both their long-term life skills and their short-term fun by offering them the gift of LUM Camp

With gratitude,

Wes Tillett
Executive Director

P.S.  It costs $150 to send a child to LUM Camp.  Contribute online (click button below) or place your campership in the mail (420 N 4th Street, Lafayette, IN 47901).  

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LUM Camp

Please note: LUM is working closely with the professional staff at Hanging Rock Assembly Camp, the long-time host site of LUM CampLUM Camp is being planned in compliance with and exceeding the guidelines developed by the American Camp Association and the YMCA of the USA. All donations to LUM Camp will be used entirely on the campers’ experience.

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