LUM Youth Center – No Touch Clean Up

Hands-Free Faucets & Hand Dryers

This summer, the students enrolled in the LUM 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program were able to wash & dry their hands without needing to touch the faucet or towel dispenser. The restrooms in the LUM Ray Ewry Youth Center are now equipped with hands-free hand dryers and hands-free faucets. LUM students were always required to wash their hands but during COVID-19 washing is more frequent and carefully monitored. Now it is also safer.

Thanks to a grant from the McAllister Foundation, LUM was able to purchase hands-free faucets for the restrooms. The grant has also been used to make playground improvements and to purchase books & a bookshelf, bus back-up cameras, and increased outdoor lighting.

This gift has had a tremendous positive impact on the LUM youth programs, directly enhancing the LUM students’ experiences. Thanks again to Dave Webb with the Alfred J. & Dorothy N. McAllister Foundation for their continued support of the students enrolled in the LUM youth programs.


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