Camp is A Blast! The Best Week of the Summer!

LUM Camp is A BLAST! 

All these positive changes are happening while children are having the time of their lives.  Many children describe LUM Camp as “the best week of my summer,” sometimes even “the best week of my life!”

LUM has always known that camp is extraordinarily beneficial.  That’s why LUM has hosted a camp every summer since the 1960’s.  And in spite of all the uncertainties caused by COVID-19, LUM is committed to hosting camp once again this summer at Hanging Rock Camp, where staff continues to work with local, state and CDC guidelines.  LUM Camp might have to look a little different due to Coronavirus, but the fun and friendship and life-enhancing benefits will remain the same.

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LUM Camp

Please note: LUM is working closely with the professional staff at Hanging Rock Assembly Camp, the long-time host site of LUM CampLUM Camp is being planned in compliance with and exceeding the guidelines developed by the American Camp Association and the YMCA of the USA. All donations to LUM Camp will be used entirely on the campers’ experience, hopefully this year, but if not, next.

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