Donations of NEEDED ITEMS for LUM Shelter

COVID-19 Supplies – High Demand, Urgent Need

The LUM Emergency Shelter is open with a strict protocol for intake, check in, food service, and sleeping arrangements, which requires cleaning supplies, bleach, soap, masks, gloves, and specialized equipment such as thermometers and portable sinks. LUM is thankful for the support of individuals, families, groups and churches.

Most recently, the Greater Lafayette Chinese Alliance Church, West Lafayette, donated 200 medical masks (pictured) and the Innovation Church, Lafayette, donated toilet paper and has scheduled a “cleaning supplies” drive. If you, your church, your company or your family wishes to make a cash donation or a donation of “needed items” to the LUM Emergency Shelter, click HERETHANK YOU to all of the families, churches and groups that given their love and support to the LUM Emergency Shelter these past few weeks.

If you with to donate NEEDED ITEMS to LUM, check out our “wishlist.” To view, click HERE.

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