MEALS Prepared for LUM Shelter Guests

Individuals, Families, Churches & Companies

LUM is thankful for everyone who has prepared a meal for the guests in the Emergency Shelter during this crisis. This week, the pastor of Grace Lutheran Church, the Rev. Daniel Eggold, and his son delivered the shelter meal (pictured). 

THANK YOU to all of the families, churches and groups that provided meals these past few weeks including Central Catholic School, the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Cook Research-Medical, Elmwood Church of Christ, Federated, Grace Lutheran, Knights of Columbus, St. Alexis Orthodox, St. Andrew United Methodist, and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center.

If you, your church, your company or your family wishes to Prepare a Meal for the LUM Emergency Shelter, your options are as follows:

  • Prepare Serve | Prepare Drop-off
  • Donate the Cost of Meal
  • Donate Food for a Meal

For more information on preparing shelter meals and to sign up online, click HERE.

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