Portable Sinks Donated to LUM Shelter

Local Family Donates Much Needed Equipment

Deb & Tom Parent recently purchased to two portable sinks for Lafayette Urban Ministry. The portable sinks will be used by individuals signing up for and checking into the LUM Emergency Shelter, who will be required to wash their hands before entering. During the COVID-19 threat, the sinks will be placed outside of LUM Emergency Shelter & Office. 

Thank you to the Parent Family for their generous gift.
Here are a few ways you, your organization and your business can support and invest in Lafayette Urban Ministry & Emergency Shelter.

  • CASH DONATIONS are preferred because they allow LUM to purchase what is needed, when it’s needed. To give online, go to lumserve.org/donate/.
  • SHELTER MEALS — Prepare a meal for the guests at the LUM Emergency Shelter. For more information and to sign up, go to lumserve.org/shelter-meal/. You may…
  • PREPARE & SERVE meals –OR–
  • DROP OFF prepared meals (No contact drop off is possible) –OR–
  • DONATE FOOD for meals that the LUM staff can prepare. (No contact drop off is possible.) Items needed are bread, deli meats, and large cans of soup, stew & chili
  • COVID-19 NEEDED ITEMS — You may either ship or drop off items. No contact drop off is possible. Supplies urgently needed are as follows:
  • Disinfectant (for surfaces) – bleach, wipes (Lysol, Clorox), spray (Lysol), cleaner (Fantasik, 409, Clorox)
  • Hand Cleaning – antibacterial wipes, gloves (nitrile disposable), hand sanitizer, liquid hand soap
  • Paper Products – paper towels, facial tissues, toilet paper

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