LUM Immigration Clinic Client Becomes US Citizen

Luis Urbano Completes His Pathway to Citizenship

Recently, another LUM Immigration Clinic client became a US citizen — Luis Urbano.

Luis first came to LUM for help in preparing his income taxes. When he discovered that LUM also offered assistance with immigration issues, he set up a meeting with the LUM Immigration Clinic for advice and assistance with the status of his children. Eventually, Luis, who is originally from Peru, decided to start his own process to become a US citizen. He attended the LUM Citizenship Classes and was tutored by LUM volunteer, Adelia Sorge, for several months.

LUM is thrilled to announce that on July 7 at a naturalization ceremony at the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services Field Office in Indianapolis, Luis Urbano was sworn in as a US citizen with his family in attendance. All of his hard work and the assistance from LUM has paid off.

{Pictured above L to R: Betty Urbano, Luis’s sister; Luis Urbano; Alex Urbano, Luis’s son; Claudia Urbano, Luis’s daughter; and Maggie Urbano, Alex’s wife/Luis’s daughter-in-law.}

Currently, Susan Brouillette, LUM Immigration Clinic director, is working with individuals who hope to become US citizens soon.

For more information about the LUM Immigration Clinic, click HERE; or email or call Susan Brouillette (sbrouillette@lumserve.org | 765-423-2691).

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