Summer’s Over for LUM 5th Quarter


As the school year begins, the teachers with the LUM 5th Quarter Summer Learning
are confident that our students are better prepared than their peers to succeed. During this 10-week program, the trained staff create an academically stimulating environment for our students to learn during the summer months — which includes active learning, educational enrichment activities and study trips.

During their final weeks of 5th Quarter, the students took one last study trip to the Coffin House in Fountain City (pictured). This site is a National Historic Landmark for being one of the busiest stops on the Underground Railroad.

Visiting the Coffin House and learning about the remarkable work of Catharine & Levi Coffin fit perfectly with this summer’s theme — Celebrating the Indiana Bicentennial.

Before they completed their 5th Quarter experience, each student took a post-test during the final week. The results of the post-test will soon be compared to their pre-test scores and a control group to help measure our success and guide our curriculum decisions in the future.

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5th Quarter Summer Learning Program

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