LUM Students Celebrate Earth Day 2016

earthdayThe students enrolled in the LUM After School Program celebrated Earth Day by planting vegetables in the garden at the LUM Youth Center. The LUM vegetable garden is a powerful hands-on learning laboratory for our students. The students learn about gardening, nutrition, communication, responsibility, ecology. science, math, and more.

After the school year is over, the garden will be cared for and harvested by the students enrolled in LUM’s summer daycare — the LUM 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program.

To see more PHOTOS of the ASP Earth Day event, click HERE.

The LUM After School Program provides a safe and academically enriching environment for 60 children each day after school while their parents are finishing up their workday.

The LUM 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program helps to narrow the academic achievement gap experienced by many low-income children by engaging them in fun-learning classes and activities in math, science, social studies and language arts during the summer months when school is in recess. Fifty children will begin the LUM 5th Quarter program beginning June 1. The LUM’ youth programs are directed by the Rev. Cindy Haley.

If you wish to make a donation to the LUM After School Program or the LUM 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program, click HERE.

If you’re interested in volunteering with the LUM student programs or need more information, click HERE — or email or call Cindy Haley (chaley@lumserve.org | 765.423.2691).

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