Three Ways to Support the Good Samaritan Fund

Not Able to Attend the Follies? 3 Ways YOU May Still Help

LUM Heart Project

If you’re not able to attend the LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies This Year? Here are three ways that you can still make a difference:

  1. Donate to the Good Samaritan Fund
  2. Order the LUM “Heart-Hands” Poster
  3. Fund a specific need with the Good Samaritan Program 

 Donate — To give to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund, go to www.lumserve.org/donate to make a donation online; or for information on how to donate by mail.

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Good Samaritan Fund 

LUM Heart Project(2)

LUM “Heart-Hands” Posters — Order one or both of the new LUM Heart-Hands posters featuring the hands of the LUM After School Program students—for only $50 each. The 16”x20” Heart-Hand posters are full color, printed on photo paper, and come framed. Photo #2 above. To order your posters, email lum@lumserve.org.

Fund a Need —The LUM Good Samaritan Program funds specific items for local families in need. If you wish to assist with a specific need — review the list below, select an item, donate that amount (www.lumserve.org/donate), and 100% of your gift goes directly to helping a family with home, health or employment expenses. Some of the needs are as follows:

  • Birth Certificate—$15
  • Birth Certificate non-Indiana—$35
  • Driving Record—$4
  • Employment TB Test—$50
  • Eviction Notice—$57
  • GED payment—$100
  • Bus Ticket—$100
  • One Client Visit—$45
  • One Day Cost—$400
  • One Week Cost—$2,000
  • Housing—$52
  • Inhaler—$25
  • Marriage Records to obtain ID—$20
  • Physical Exam—$50
  • Prescription—$4-$35
  • Non-skid shoes—$35
  • Scrubs—$40
  • Steel toe boots—$50
  • Work boots—$50
  • Electric bill—$40
  • Gas bill—$45
  • New Water Service—$32
  • Water bill—$42
  • Utility Payment—$45

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