Hunger Hike — HEROES

The success of Hunger Hike 2014 may be attributed to many, many generous and hard working individuals, groups, churches and companies. This week we honor our TOP Fundraisers — and our Hunger Hike Heroes. Hunger Hike Heroes are individuals who both raced in the HH5K Run on Saturday and participated in the Hunger Hike Kick-off event and 3K Walk on Sunday. Join us in celebrating and congratulating our Hunger Hike Heroes & Top Fundraisers.

Hunger Hike still needs your donations. To give online, go to www.hungerhike.org.

Hunger Hike Heroeshungerhike_HERO

  • Fr. Patrick Baikauskas OP
  • Jennie Bowers
  • Hilary Cooke
  • Janet Dietz
  • Jeremiah Dole
  • Robert Foreman
  • Dallas Hallberg
  • Tim Jenkins
  • Joe Kepner
  • Joan Low
  • Joe Micon
  • Lauri Mitchell
  • Patti O’Callaghan
  • Rev. Bradley Pace
  • Mariana Paddock
  • Mike Shamus
  • Vonta Toutar
  • Amy Van Epps
  • Genevieve Viduya
  • Aidan William
  • Jennifer William

This year everyone was encouraged to be a Hunger Hike HERO. To be a Hunger Hike Hero, individuals had to do the following:

  • Participate in the traditional Hunger Hike on Sunday, September 21
  • Raise $50 or more for Hunger Hike
  • Run in the HH5K Run on Saturday, September 20th

If individuals participated in both events on Hunger Hike weekend and raise at least $50 — they not only received two T-shirts and water bottle — they are now being recognized as a Hunger Hike HERO.

2014-09-20 2014-09-20 001 019 (2)
Next Year, Take the challenge—Run, Hike, Raise money to Fight Hunger — and become a Hunger Hike HERO!

Hunger Hike still needs your donations. To give online, go to www.hungerhike.org.

Join LUM online and help us serve children and families even better.



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