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Tippecanoe COVID-19 Hotline Launched

LUM Housing & Stability Assistance

Earlier this month, the Tippecanoe COVID-19 Housing & Stability Hotline was launched. This community resource will connect households struggling to pay rent, mortgages, and utilities during the COVID-19 pandemic to the LUM Good Samaritan Program along with other organizations equipped to provide aid. Hotline operators will ask a series of questions, determine the best resource to direct callers to, and provide a warm connection to that resource. The goal is to remove obstacles and reduce the amount of time between requests for aid and delivery of support.

The Housing & Stability Hotline is a partnership between United Way Greater Lafayette, The Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette, The City of Lafayette, and Lafayette Urban Ministry. The hotline can be reached by phone or text at 765-201-0668, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Calls will be returned within one business day. Residents may also complete an online form by visiting uwlafayette.org/housing.

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Good Samaritan Fund

Major Donations to LUM – January-May 2020

Several Significant Donations Totaling $166,000

LUM relies on donations from individuals and groups to offer programs that strengthen families & children in our community. Since January, LUM has been blessed with several significant gifts & grants totaling $166,000. They are as follows:

  • LUM Good Samaritan Program has been awarded a $35,000 gift ($15,000 in March & $20,000 in May) from the Tippecanoe COVID-19 Response Fund, created by United Way of Greater Lafayette, The Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette and Greater Lafayette Commerce.
  • Purdue Crew Team hosted Row-a-Thon and typically donates half of the proceeds to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund. After Purdue Crew’s competition year was cut short due to COVID-19, they decided to donate ALL of the proceeds to LUM, totaling $27,693.
  • In honor of Joe Micon’s 41 years of service to LUM and the community, more than $73,000 was donated and raised at the LUM Retirement Follies event. Joe Micon, immediate past LUM executive director, retired earlier this year, and he and his family generously requested and encouraged individuals to make a donation to LUM in lieu of retirement gifts.
  • LUM Homeless Services was recommended for Community Development Block Grants, and will be awarded $14,846 from the City of Lafayette and $6,444 from the City of West Lafayette — totaling $21,290.
  • The McAllister Foundation recently awarded the LUM Youth Programs a $12,100 grant.
  • The Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette has awarded to LUM a COVID-19 “Rapid Response Grant” for $4,000.
  • LUM was awarded a gift of $7,500 from Glick Philanthropies through the Glick Community Relief Fund, a grant program to help local nonprofits continue to respond to those impacted by COVID-19.

Lafayette Urban Ministry is grateful for the support from individuals, foundations, agencies, student organizations, groups, churches, and businesses — especially during times like these. This support has enabled LUM to rapidly assist families in crisis due to COVID-19 as well as offer a safe place for those experiencing homelessness. If you wish to make in an investment in the families and children of our community, make a donation online at lumserve.org/donate.

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Good Samaritan Fund

LUM Receives $15,000 for COVID-19 Relief

Tippecanoe COVID-19 Response Fund

Lafayette Urban Ministry has been awarded a gift of $15,000 from the Tippecanoe COVID-19 Response Fund. The fund was created by United Way of Greater Lafayette, The Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette, and Greater Lafayette Commerce, who announced a joint effort to bring relief to the area’s most vulnerable individuals and families. LUM has become a funded partner agency as our community begins to experience the short-term and long-term impacts of the coronavirus outbreak. 

The monies will be distributed through the LUM Good Samaritan Program to seniors, children and low-income families to help with recovery, including rent, utility, and prescription medication assistance; access to childcare for families effected by closures; and services and shelter for people experiencing homelessness who lack the resources to stay safe. Thank you to United Way of Greater Lafayette, The Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette, and Greater Lafayette Commerce for designating LUM a partner in the important initiative.

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Good Samaritan Fund

Haley Earns Peer Counseling Certificate

The Rev. Cindy Haley, LUM direct2016-01-13 Staff Photos 009 (1280x1280)or of children’s programs, recently earned a Peer/Union Counseling Certificate from the United Way, NW Central Labor Council & AFL-CIO.

Cindy attended 10 classes since January covering a variety of topics including poverty, homeless programs, emergency services, legal aid and vocational rehabilitation. She was presented her certificate at a graduation banquet last Friday.

Congratulations to Rev. Cindy Haley for earning this certificate. LUM now has a valuable, well-informed resource person for LUM families, staff & volunteers.

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5th Quarter Summer Learning Program

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After School Program


LUM Legislative Wrap Up 2015 – Recap


This past Wednesday, Lafayette Urban Ministry—Campaign for Hoosier Families hosted the Indiana Legislative Wrap Up featuring presentations from the Indiana Association of United Ways & Indiana Coalition for Human Services. This business luncheon attracted community leaders from all over Tippecanoe County & beyond. In addition to a summary of legislation that passed in the last session of the Indiana General Assembly, the presenters highlighted how new laws affect human services and hot topics being studied; current eligibility program trends (welfare reform) and drug testing; best practice responses to the HIV crisis; and ways to work together on policy and advocacy.

If you wish to review the presentation from the 2015 LUM Legislative Luncheon, click HERE. If you wish to get periodic updates about legislation impacting “Hoosier Families,” join the LUM Campaign for Hoosier Families—-sign up HERE.

If you wish to make a donation to the LUM Campaign for Hoosier Families, click the button below.

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