LUM Receives $65,000 for COVID-19 Relief

Tippecanoe COVID-19 Response Fund

Lafayette Urban Ministry has been awarded an additional $30,000 from the Tippecanoe COVID-19 Response Fund — making the total received so far $65,000 ($15,000 in March, $20,000 in May & $30,000 in July). The Tippecanoe COVID-19 Response Fund, created by United Way of Greater Lafayette, The Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette and Greater Lafayette Commerce, to bring relief to the area’s most vulnerable individuals and families. LUM is a funded partner agency and continues to serve those experiencing the short-term and long-term impacts of the coronavirus outbreak. 

The monies have been rapidly distributed through the LUM Good Samaritan Program to seniors, children and low-income families to help with recovery, including housing and utility expenses. The fund is also helping with prescription medication assistance, access to childcare for families effected by closures, and services and shelter for people experiencing homelessness who lack the resources to stay safe.

Thank you to United Way of Greater Lafayette, The Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette, and Greater Lafayette Commerce for their continued support and designating LUM a partner in the important initiative.

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