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Rev. Susan Brouillette – Remarkable Local Woman

Salute to Women 2020 – Honoree – March 3

The Rev. Susan Brouillette, the LUM Immigration Clinic founding director, will be honored at the 47th annual Salute to Women program. Susan is one of only 12 women being honored this year at a dinner and celebration on Tuesday, March 3. She is being recognized for being an “immigration advocate” and for being “instrumental in the development of Lafayette Urban Ministry’s Immigration Clinic.

Joe Micon, LUM executive director remarked that,

Most of the immigrants and asylum seekers who come to the LUM Immigration Clinic are in serious straights. Some are without family or friends. In Susan Brouillette, they have found an advocate who represents and defends them with skill and commitment. She is one of those rare and extraordinary individuals responsible for our community being such a diverse and welcoming place.

Join us in congratulating the Rev. Susan Brouillette for this well deserved recognition.

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Susan Brouillette Highlighted on Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, Catholic Legal Immigration Network highlighted the Rev. Susan Brouillette, LUM Immigration Clinic director. CLINIC wrote, “As an advocate, accredited representative and Presbyterian minister, Susan draws on her faith and commitment to justice to serve the local immigrant community. Susan goes above and beyond to assist her clients in obtaining citizenship, even traveling around the state to attend naturalization ceremonies.” Congratulations, Rev. Susan!

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Immigration Clinic Director Attends Convening

The LUM Immigration Clinic enjoys many resources as an affiliate member of CLINIC, the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc., including an invitation to attend CLINIC’s annual Convening. Convening is the premier training event for those seeking to increase their knowledge of immigration law and successful program management techniques and to help their community embrace immigrant integration. This year’s Convening took place May 24-26 in Atlanta, Georgia — and Susan Brouillette, LUM Immigration Clinic director, attended.

{Pictured above L to R: Sister Michelle Sinkhorn & Sister Joan Scheller of Sisters of Benedict and Susan Brouillette.}

Susan gathered with fellow advocates and service providers to share strategies, enhance expertise and provide hope in a variety of different settings. She shared that the “national conference was worthwhile and very helpful. I was updated on changes in policies and regulations in a venue where I could ask questions and get answers, in an interactive environment with CLINIC staff who are considered to be among the top practitioners in immigration law.” Some of the best aspects of the Convening were learning new strategies and networking. Susan learned ways to enhance the volunteer experience, tips on using LawLogix (our case management software), and how to optimize program efficiency. She also met and networked with colleagues with whom she will stay connected including members of the Catholic Charities of Indianapolis and the Sisters of Benedict, Ferdinand, Indiana.

After attending the Convening, Susan is better prepared to get re-accredited, which is required every three years. In order to ensure the integrity of the services, accredited representatives must participate in continuing education opportunities such as webinars, classes, and other informational programs to stay up to date regarding changes in immigration law and policies. Susan returned to the LUM Immigration Clinic with the new skills and knowledge that will allow her and a core group of volunteers to better serve the individuals and families who seek assistance from the LUM Immigration Clinic. CLINIC’s annual Convening was a valuable training experience that will help sustain and grow the services offered by Lafayette Urban Ministry for many months to come.

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Update — Regarding Immigration Executive Actions


Last Tuesday, the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) and 361 other civil rights, immigration, and community groups filed an amicus (friend-of-the-court) brief with the US Supreme Court in United States v. Texas.

The brief outlines the legal arguments for lifting the lower court’s injunction blocking President Obama’s executive actions announced in 2014. The executive orders would allow limited protections against deportation and grant a two year work permit for parents of US Citizens and permanent residents. This program is referred to DAPA. In addition the executive actions would extend protections and grant a two year work permit to students who were not initially eligible under DACA1. As a member of CLINIC and advocate for family unification, LUM is encouraged by the legal arguments presented in the brief and hopeful that the Supreme Court will overturn the 5th Circuit Court’s decision allowing the implementation of DAPA and DACA2. The coalition gave the following rational for filing the brief:

“If the injunction is lifted, many families will be more secure, without the looming threat that loved ones will be deported at a moment’s notice. Many deserving individuals will also have access to better jobs and the ability to improve their lives, the lives of their families, and their communities.”

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in United States v. Texas on April 18. To read the Amicus brief (PDF) filed by CLINIC and its coalition partners in its entirety, click HERE.

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