Immigration Clinic Director Attends Convening 2024

Premier “Immigration Clinic” Training & Networking

Christian Gallo, LUM Immigration Clinic director, and Margaret Hass, a LUM volunteer accredited representative, recently attended the annual CLINIC Convening, Upholding Dignity – Protecting Rights, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The CLINIC Convening featured a diverse range of workshops covering critical topics such as asylum law updates, family-based immigration processes, advocacy strategies, and effective client representation techniques. For attendees like Christian & Margaret, the Convening provided invaluable insights and practical tools to navigate the complexities of the immigration and naturalization process effectively. It offered a unique opportunity to engage deeply with peers and experts, fostering meaningful discussions on current challenges and emerging trends within immigration law and enabling interactions with policymakers to contribute to shaping more equitable and efficient immigration policies.

For Christian Gallo, the CLINIC Convening was not only a professional development opportunity but also a source of inspiration and renewed dedication to his role at the LUM Immigration Clinic. The knowledge gained and connections made during the event will undoubtedly strengthen their advocacy efforts and enhance their ability to provide crucial support in our community. As they return from Minneapolis, Christian & Margaret remain committed to leveraging what they learned to promote fair and compassionate immigration practices, ensuring that immigrants receive the legal assistance and advocacy they deserve.

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CLINIC Convening is CLINIC’s annual conference that brings together legal practitioners, advocates and nonprofit leaders from all over the country to network, learn and gain insight about the current state of immigration law. CLINIC Convening is the only conference that provides a comprehensive education on immigration law, program management and advocacy. Their vision is to come together not only to educate and share our work in immigration but also to celebrate the impact and contribution of immigrants through this country’s history.

More than 600 immigrant advocates gathered in Minneapolis, May 29-31, to continue protecting the legal rights of immigrant families and promoting their dignity in the Catholic tradition of welcoming the stranger for more than 35 years.

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