Celebrating the LUM Westside Food Pantry

PICTURED above are the LUM Westside Food Pantry volunteers L to R: Michael Brown, the Rev. Jennie Barrington, Mark Cushman, Jean Tyner, Deb Parent, and Kathy Coder. Not pictured are Larry Guentert, Charlie Hoovler, Monty Myszak, Patti O’Callaghan, Ellen Phelps, Linda Prokopy, Christine Schertz, Andrea Williams, and Della Willman.

As LUM prepares to bid farewell to the LUM Westside Food Pantry, the LUM leadership paused to honor the incredible impact it has had on our community over the past three years. During this time, approximately 36,700 pounds of food were distributed at the LUM Westside Food Pantry 1,835 times to 479 households impacting 8,334 individuals. The journey has been one marked by dedication, compassion, and hard work from the Westside Food Pantry volunteer team.

To commemorate the profound impact of the LUM Westside Food Pantry and to celebrate the tireless efforts of our volunteers, the LUM Board hosted a celebration of the LUM Westside Food Pantry (pictured). It was a moment to come together, reflect on the collective achievements, and express gratitude for the lasting legacy LUM and the Westside Food Pantry volunteers created. Everyone involved should take pride in the impact they have had and carry forward the lessons learned and the bonds formed, knowing that these efforts have truly made a difference in the lives of so many individuals and families.

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