LUM Advocates for Local Ukrainian Family

Among the many stories of triumph and resilience, one particular LUM Immigration Clinic case unfolded with urgency and compassion. LUM received a desperate plea for help from a Ukrainian family living in the United States. This family needs to return to the Ukraine to complete their military service requirements to receive a family pension. The task was clear, but bureaucratic obstacles loomed large.

The LUM Immigration Clinic director, Christian Gallo, worked with a Ukrainian family to acquire the required documentation for filing an emergency travel authorization at the Ukrainian consulate in Chicago (pictured). However, as they arrived at the consulate for their required, in-person meeting in late December, they were met with an unexpected obstacle. Recent threats led to heightened security measures, and access to the consulate was restricted. Undeterred, they returned to the Ukrainian consulate for their second appointment earlier in January. Despite the setbacks, the LUM Immigration Clinic team has persisted — engaging with consulate officials and advocating passionately for the Ukrainian family. This entire legal process will take about a year; so, the story continues. The family shared that, “The legal and emotional support that LUM has given us is beyond what we expected and has helped in securing a good and safe life and future.” 

This poignant example underscores the crucial role played by the LUM Immigration Clinic in facilitating reunifications and offering support in times of crisis. The tireless efforts of the LUM team exemplified the dedication to humanity that defines the core mission of the Immigration Clinic — making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

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