Empowering Tomorrow: Meet the ASP Leadership Team

A Call for Support – Donate, Volunteer, Provide Snacks

The LUM After School Program plays a crucial role in shaping the future of our local youth by providing a safe and enriching environment beyond regular school hours. The program engages 60 students (Kindergarten to 8th grade) for three hours each school-day afternoon.

PICTURED above L to R: The LUM After School Program Leadership Team – Kristi Hogue, Bre Stanley, Joey Stinton, Patrick Renfroe, Malinda Bryant, Mark Buche, Anna Suppes, Kate DeJong and Sara Siener.

At the heart of every successful after school program is a dynamic leadership team that spearheads the organization’s vision and mission. The ASP leadership team (pictured above) includes educators, bus drivers, mentors, and community volutunteers, who collaborate to create a nurturing space where students can continue their academic, social, and personal development.

Healthy snacks are essential to sustain the energy and focus of students during after school activities. Donations of healthy snacks ensure that students have the energy to engage actively, promoting overall well-being. Financial contributions and in-kind donations play a crucial role in maintaining and improving LUM youth programs. These funds help cover operational costs, purchase educational resources, and expand program offerings. Together, we can empower the next generation and build a brighter future for our community.

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