Mission Moments – Putting a Face on Impact

Three Stories of Real People from Current Staff

LUM staff members experience moments in their work that make them so proud that they want to share their stories with others. LUM calls these Mission Moments. They are often tiny, powerful examples of how LUM impacts our community through the eyes of others — putting a face on LUM services, programs and events. Here are three Mission Moments told by three current LUM staff members about real people.

Emergency Shelter

A frequent guest of the LUM Emergency Shelter had not returned, and there were growing concerns about her safety. She was only 18 years old and had previously been hunted, stalked and captured for sexual trafficking. LUM staff supported and provided counsel to the other shelter guests. Fliers were distributed, local police were engaged, and prayers were offered for her safe return. The police recently found her along with two other women and rescued them from the traffickers.

Lee Blackman

Financial Assistance

The LUM Financial Assistance Program helped a retired couple, Amy & John, who have a combined Social Security income of $1,795 monthly. John had a stroke and is undergoing treatment for lung cancer. Their medical bills have made it difficult to keep up. Amy requested $150 to pay their Duke Energy bill. Using money from the LUM Good Samaritan Fund supplemented with other funds, LUM was able to meet their needs. John and Amy can begin their summer with one fewer worry.

Angel Valentín

To-Go Meals

The LUM To-Go Meal program offers a free bagged lunch during LUM office hours. Robert was new to the area and looking for employment. He was struggling to find food. Robert visited our office to learn about the LUM Food Pantries and Financial Assistance Program. He was asked if he needed a meal. His eyes lit up with sincere gratitude. He shared, It’s easier to look for job when you are not hungry. Since the program started in 2022, demand has been steady; an affirmation that this program is needed.

Terri Anderson

Please feel free to share these stories with your friends, families and colleagues. When you spread the word about the good work happening at LUM, it is a priceless gift that inspires others and broadens the reach of LUM.

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