Impact of LUM Programs – First Half of 2023

First Six Months of 2023 Have Been “Interesting”

Life in a post-COVID world is better in some ways but many of our neighbors including children are still struggling. School children are experiencing higher levels of anxiety, families are facing evictions at higher numbers, food prices are higher than ever, and individuals looking to become housed have no affordable options, especially in Tippecanoe County. Partnering with local churches, government and other agencies, LUM continues to be the social safety net for our community by offering enhanced youth programsfood & mealsshelter for the houseless, and assistance with housing expenses and immigration issues.

THIS SUMMER, your support is as important as ever. Please consider investing in LUM with a donation or a gift of needed items or engaging with LUM by volunteering or attending a LUM event like the LUM Gala of Hope fundraising event. For more information email, call, or check out our website (lum@LUMserve.org | 765-423-26391 | LUMserve.org). And thanks.

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