LUM Tax Assistance Program Expands in 2023

More Tax Returns Filed, More Neighbors Assisted

{Pictured are the Wednesday shift volunteers.}

This year, LUM expanded the program to serve more clients with more options to sign up. The result was more tax returns were filed, more refunds claimed, and no one was turned away. Some interesting LUM statistics are as follows:

  • 529 – Income Tax Returns – Filed
  • $509,755 – Total – Refunds
  • $126,977 – Total – Earned Income Credit
  • $18,578 – Adjusted Gross Income – Median (middle value)

This LUM assistance program benefits our neighbors by filing their tax returns for FREE and also boosts the local economy, since it is likely that a majority of the $509,755 total refunds generated will be spent locally. LUM is proud of the Tax Assistance team this year for making it possible to expand this vital service. LUM is grateful for the volunteers and the staff membersDan Gukien, Connie Decker & Josh Prokopy. This year’s volunteers were as follows: 

  • Geneva Baker
  • Jan Engle
  • Kathy Hicks
  • Olena Hillberry
  • Ai Ai Lau
  • Cheryl Nettleman
  • Patti O’Callaghan
  • Rob Patrick
  • Ann Pellegrino
  • Paul Preckel
  • BharathiRaghothama
  • Carol Robicheaux
  • Andrea Schmidt
  • Tricia Sembroski
  • Ron Smith
  • Stephanie Vanderkar
  • Janet Winters

Join us in thanking these talented volunteers.

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