LUM Celebrates Women in History Month

LUM Women Leaders & Volunteers Who Care

March is National WOMEN in History Month. Throughout the month, LUM will be celebrating the contributions and impact of the women who lead, care, give, and serve.

From the early 1950s to today, thousands of women have had a tremendous impact through their engagement with LUM. By “tackling human needs and uplifting the people of Greater Lafayette” in many different ways on many different levels, women have been an integral part of the success of LUM for more than 50 years.

Join us in recognizing and celebrating each of these women. In today’s eNewsletter LUM honors Sue Hermeson, the LUM Volunteer of the Month for March (click HERE for full story). Stay tuned for more celebrations in the weeks to come.

Pictured above from L to R are as follows:

  • ROW 1: Deb Parent, board president; the Rev. Dr. Gladys Nwabah, board officer; Debbie Fleetham, board officer; Gayle Koning, assistant business manager; Doris Miner Hanstra, founder;
  • ROW 2: Lee Blackman, shelter shift supervisor; Linda Tripp, accounting assistant; Kristi Hogue, youth programs director; Tricia Sembroski, board treasurer; Mady Lester, assistant youth director;
  • ROW 3: Connie Decker, receptionist; Nina Morgan, board officers & volunteer food pantry director; Terri Anderson, office manager & volunteer coordinator; Adelia Sorge, volunteer; Barb Tyner, board vice president;
  • ROW 4: Cris King, volunteer; Cristy Perez, assistant director immigration services; Jackie Graser, volunteer; Patti O’Callaghan, volunteer public policy advocate; Leanna Giltmier, finance director

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