Simple Meals = Simple Gesture of Love

Thank You to All Who Prepared Bagged Meals

As winter winds down, LUM would like to thank all of the groups and individuals who prepared “bagged meals” for the LUM Winter Warming Station guests. All winter-long, as the clock strikes midnight those without a place to sleep can count on LUM.

Guests enter and are able to sleep right away in a safe, secure indoor place. No meal is provided at night, but when guests leave in the morning, each is offered a bagged meal, bottle of water, and cup of coffee.

These meals are made possible by donations from families, churches, school children, youth groups, and more. The generosity is heart-warming. Join us in thanking each person who provided a SIMPLE MEAL & a SIMPLE GESTURE of LOVE to the Winter Warming Station guests.

Although, bagged meals are no longer needed, if you or your group wishes to get engaged, LUM suggests signing up to prepare a meal for the guests in the LUM Emergency Shelter. Meals are needed each night of the year, and there are openings in April.

The Winter Warming Station complements the services offered by the LUM Emergency Shelter. It also gives individuals an opportunity to learn about other services offered by LUM and other local agencies for which they may be eligible. Please consider making a donation or providing bagged meals for the Winter Warming Station guests. Your support is appreciated, especially during the harsh winter months.

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