50th Anniversary Party

Lafayette, IN – Join us for the LUM 50th Anniversary Party and help us honor the legacy of Lafayette Urban Ministry. LUM was incorporated this week in 1972 – and the reason for this party. Come be a part of the celebration! It will be an informal event with cake, ice cream & good company. The details are as follows:

  • LUM 50th Anniversary Party 
  • THIS Wednesday, October 19  |  6 – 7 p.m.
  • LUM Office, 420 N 4th Street, Lafayette, IN
  • Free | No RSVP Needed

In 1972, the seed was planted and has been growing and thriving for 50 years. Today LUM is a strong, dependable and sometimes taken-for-granted, living ministry serving the needs of our most vulnerable neighbors. The 50th Anniversary Party will wind-down a yearlong celebration commemorating the 50th anniversary of LUM becoming a recognized nonprofit in October of 1972. The program will be hosted by LUM executive director, Wes Tillett, and in attendance will be members of the LUM Board of Directors and staff. 

The LUM 50 Anniversary has also been a year-long fundraiser for the LUM Good Samaritan Fund. The LUM Good Samaritan Fund provides local individuals, families and children with a financial safety net when in crisis. The goal was to raise one-thousand dollars for each of the 50 years – or $50,000 for the LUM Good Samaritan Fund. As of today, 90% or $45,172 has been raised toward the $50,000 goal

  • No operating expenses are taken out of the Good Samaritan Fund100% of all donations go to help those in need. 
  • In 2021, the Good Samaritan Fund helped 1,309 families; 2,018 times; and distributed $196,198
  • So far in 2022, the LUM Financial Assistance Program assisted 1,205 households, 1,374 times disbursing $119,424 of assistance from the LUM Good Samaritan Fund for emergency requests for housing, utility and health-care expenses.

If you are not able to attend, consider celebrating the LUM 50th Anniversary by making a donation to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund.

Tackling basic human needs &
Uplifting the people of Greater Lafayette

More Information – LUM 50th Anniversary:

The LUM 50th Anniversary Celebration kicks off a yearlong series of events commemorating LUM becoming a recognized nonprofit in 1972. If you are not able to attend this event, you still have an opportunity to invest in the next 50 years of Lafayette Urban Ministry in its quest to “tackle basic human needs and uplift the people of Greater Lafayette.” One hundred percent of the net proceeds from this event go to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund, which provides local individuals, families and children with a financial safety net when in crisis. To make a 50th anniversary donation to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund, click the button below, go to LUMserve.org/50th-anniversary or call or email LUM (765-423-2691 | lum@LUMserve.org).

In 1972, a small group of dedicated individuals successfully incorporated a new social services agency in Tippecanoe County — Lafayette Urban Ministry. Mark your calendars and plan on joining us to honor the leadership, shareholders, programs & services, and impact of Lafayette Urban Ministry for the last half-century.

Tackling Basic Human Needs &
Uplifting the People of Great Lafayette

LUM also invites you to be a part of the vision for the next 50 years, which will include an in-depth and strategic look at the sustainable future for Lafayette Urban Ministry as a valuable asset to the people, families, and children in our community for generations to come.

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