LUM Healthy Shelter Initiative

Help LUM Achieve the “Healthy Shelter” Goal

At the LUM Emergency Shelter, there is a focus on health, cleanliness, accessibility, and safety each and every evening.

The LUM Healthy Shelter Initiative was launched in 2021 and a comprehensive plan was put in place to make specific improvements.

A few of the highlights of this Initiative are listed below.


To best prevent insects, most of the wooden bunk beds have been replaced with metal ones; and new seam-sealed mattresses and pillows were purchased. These are also easier to disinfect.


LUM plans on installing outdoor lockers for the guests to store their personal belongings. With everything being securely left outside of the facility, there will be a positive impact on the health and safety of the shelter.


In addition to strict food service protocols, LUM has made a “no food waste” pledge. LUM directors make sure that all food is served at the shelter or youth program, distributed at the two food pantries, or donated to another agency. So far, there has been zero food waste and the kitchens are cleaner and more organized.


A new elevator was installed, ensuring that individuals with disabilities may use the shelter.


All are now sturdy, made from plastic and metal, ensuring that they are able to be disinfected regularly.


In addition to the daily cleaning, volunteers now deep clean the entire shelter building and grounds each month.


Heat is the best way to kill insects. LUM now has heating units that will eliminate all insects when used regularly along with professional extermination.

As a part of the LUM Healthy Shelter Initiative, each month a group of volunteers will be recruited to “deep clean” the LUM Emergency Shelter as well as the rest of the Ray Ewry Center facility and grounds. If your organization or business would like to volunteer with LUM, please visit the LUM website or email or call Terri Anderson, LUM Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer@LUMserve.org | 765-423-2691).

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