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Director Assists Clients Remotely & Saves the Day

The LUM Immigration Clinic staff and volunteers “go above & beyond” to meet the urgent, time-sensitive needs of our neighbors in need. Recently, the LUM Immigration Clinic director, Christian Gallo, needed to travel to South America for a family emergency. While away, he agreed to work remotely if needed. Well, Christian was needed!

Christian had been working with two individuals for several months to help them visit their father in Mexico, whom they hadn’t seen in more than a decade. He is currently in poor health and has been asking for them to visit. These individuals were granted a deferment of action through DACA; and therefore, not able to leave the United States without “advance parole or a travel authorization.” While on his personal time off, Christian received a message that the two individuals were in their final interview with USCIS in Indianapolis and could not provide one of the mandatory documents. The USCIS interviewer gave them only one hour to produce the document. After finding a reliable Wi-Fi connection in a local café, Christian was able to help. Their travel was approved, and they’re on their way to see their father. Another success story.

This is just one example of how complex the work of the LUM Immigration Clinic is. Travelling to see your father is something many US citizens take for granted. The LUM Immigration Clinic staff & accredited volunteers understand that a simple request to obtain a travel authorization takes months, involves lots of red-tape, and the simple omission of just one document can delay the process even longer. Also, being given only one hour to rectify a situation is not unusual. Keeping calm, being persistent, caring about the individuals served and simply being available is what makes the LUM Immigration Clinic so special.

If you wish to invest or get engaged with the LUM Immigration Clinic, please go to LUMserve.org/immigration — or email immigration@LUMserve.org or call 765-423-2691.

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