Immigration Clinic – Volunteer Opportunities

The LUM Immigration Clinic is not currently taking new volunteers at this time

The LUM Immigration Clinic has several volunteer opportunities — and is especially grateful for volunteers who speak Spanish. The volunteers needs are as follows:

  • Legal Administrative Assistant, Translator, Outreach, Social Media Correspondent — See below for details

Volunteer Job Title:Legal Administrative Assistant – Immigration Clinic
Days/Hours:Monday – Friday, flexible hours
Job Description:To assist the program director and accredited representatives with case management. It is preferred that assistants come in to the clinic to assist a couple hours each week and commit to assisting for at least 4 months. To become an accredited representative, you must start as a legal administrative assistant first.
Requirements:Knowledgeable of basic computer operations preferred. Good verbal and written communication skills needed.
Contact:Christian Gallo (765-423-2691 | cgallo@lumserve.org)

Volunteer Job Title:Translator – Immigration Clinic
Days/Hours: Monday – Friday, flexible hours
Job Description:Assist accredited representatives with translating and interpreting clients’ native languages to English and vice versa.
Requirements:Fluent in one or more of the following: Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, German, and French
Contact:Christian Gallo (765-423-2691 | cgallo@lumserve.org)

Volunteer Job Title:Outreach Volunteer – Immigration Clinic
Days/Hours:Port of Hope Fundraising Event, click HERE
To sign up for other events (OUTfest, Global Fest, Hanna Fest, Rainbow Callout, Latino Fest) — click HERE.
Stay tuned for future events
Job Description:Volunteers help with all aspects of the event including promoting the Immigration Clinic at outreach and fundraising events. This is a “one-time” volunteer opportunity.
Requirements:Event experience is preferred. Some lifting, set up & clean up possible.
Contact:Christian Gallo (765-423-2691 | cgallo@lumserve.org)

Volunteer Job Title:Social Media Correspondent – Immigration Clinic
Days/Hours:Monday – Friday, flexible hours
Job Description:Correspondents will help provide the community with an inside look of LUM Immigration Clinic by promoting our services, fundraising, and outreach events through social media. Correspondents will need to attend a training session prior to taking on this position.
Requirements:Familiarity with social media platforms preferred.
Contact:Christian Gallo (765-423-2691 | cgallo@lumserve.org)
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