Annual Report 2021 – Lafayette Urban Ministry

The 2021 Annual Report of Lafayette Urban Ministry, Inc. is now available for your review. The sections of the annual report are as follows:

How humbling it is for the LUM staff members, as well as the many LUM many volunteers, to see the generous financial investment from the LUM donors and to experience the ever-present encouragement and support of the LUM Board of Directors.

In 2021
  • Lafayette Urban Ministry served 2,996 households
  • Thousands of individuals volunteered in a LUM program
  • 1,755 individuals, churches, civic organizations, foundations or local businesses contributed financially to the work at LUM

Please take the time to review the entire Annual Report, which details the remarkable work that together WE accomplished on behalf of low-income children and working families in our community during one of the most challenging years of our history.

If you have any questions or comments, please be in touch. THANK YOU for all you continue to do for local children and families and your neighbors experiencing homelessness through the service & programs at Lafayette Urban Ministry — especially during this crisis.

  • To view the LUM 2021 Annual Report, click HERE.
  • To view all LUM reports including the Annual Report, click HERE.

LUM Mission Statement

Poverty is the greatest thief.

More than depriving a neighbor of food or shelter or warmth, it steals away hope.
While other thieves may take away the past, poverty steals the future and self-respect.

Lafayette Urban Ministry is in the business of restoring human dignity. Through voluntary efforts and contributions we give back the hope, the future, and the self respect which all God’s people need and deserve.

Ours is a Christian ministry that welcomes congregations and people of all faiths.
We give witness to God’s saving love & prophetic power by loving neighbors, seeking justice, empowering the least among us, and renewing the Church’s social ministry.

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