Hunger Hike 2021 – Get Started Today

Challenge Week Starts THIS Sunday, Sept. 12

Hunger Hike 2021 begins THIS Sunday, September 12, with Challenge Weeka week-long challenge for “Hikers” and “Teams,” where you are encourage to “Walk Far in the Fight Against Hunger.” Here’s what you do to get started:

  • REGISTER – Individuals & groups can create online fundraising pages for themselves and their team and begin fundraising today.
  • CHALLENGE – Set yourself a personal challenge for the week:
    • Walk 100,000 steps | Walk five miles every day
    • Run 100 miles | Go on a 10 mile run
    • Ride your bike 100 miles | Swim two miles a day
    • Fast for two to four days | Stop eating meat for the week
  • SNAP CHALLENGE – Take the SNAP Challenge and feed your family on the average Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefit ($30 per person for the week) – for more information, click HERE
  • DO IT – walk, run, bike, swim, cook, fast — and raise money for Hunger Hike
  • SHARE – Post your progress on social media (using #HungerHike) and on your personal fundraising page and encourage your friends to give to Hunger Hike to support your challenge.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES – If you wish to volunteer with Hunger Hike, click HERE to sign up online. Perfect for groups and individuals.

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