Immigration Clinic Awarded Two Gifts

$13,000 Donated to LUM Immigration Clinic

The LUM Immigration Clinic has recently received two gifts totaling $13,000 to support the operating budget.

The first gift came from the Catholic Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana. The Diocese donated $10,000 to the LUM Immigration Clinic to be used to support the operating budget in 2022.

Special thanks to Bishop Timothy Doherty and the entire Diocese for their continued support of the good work from the LUM Immigration Clinic and the annual Port of Hope fundraising event.

The second gift came from the Indiana Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs. LUM applied for a grant and was awarded $3,000. The grant will be applied towards the current fiscal year’s budget of the LUM Immigration Clinic.

The Indiana Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs is a non-partisan state agency working toward economic, educational, and social equality, including promoting cooperation and understanding. ICHLA identifies, measures and reviews programs, supports legislation and researches challenges and opportunities affecting the Hispanic & Latino community. ICHLA identifies solutions and provides recommendations to the governor and legislature.

LUM is grateful for the work of ICHLA and their support of the LUM Immigration Clinic.

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