Local West Lafayette Students Collect Items for LUM

Amberleigh Village “COVID-19 Supplies Drive”

A small group of civic-minded youth decided to do something for their neighbors in need — and the Amberleigh Village COVID-19 Supplies Drive was born. While eLearning from home, Kreesha Saha and her team put together a plan, set the collection date, created a flier with the list of needed items, and engaged their Amberleigh Village neighbors. This past Saturday, all of the items were collected from their neighbors’ porches and stoops. Lea Tindel & Kreesha (pictured) delivered a truckload of supplies to LUM. Most of these items are so hard to find, like disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer. What a blessing!

LUM is so fortunate to live in a community where the youth are eager to help those less fortunate than they — and take action. Thanks to the West Lafayette students,

  • Kreesha Saha (junior), 
  • Mihika Gagare (7th grade), 
  • Hannah Jung (sophomore), 
  • Nesara Thottethodi  sophomore), and
  • Lea Tindel (senior),

for coordinating the Supplies Drive — and to their Amberleigh Village neighbors for their generous, heartwarming gifts. LUM would also like to acknowledge their families and teachers for doing such a great job. If you and a small group of your friends wish to give to LUM in a similar way, please call or email us (765-423-2691 | lum@lumserve.org).

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