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Double Your Donation – Double Your Impact

LUM is thrilled to announce that Drs. Tanuja & Ketan Sheth (pictured) are offering a “$30,000 Match Donation” challenge in support of the LUM Immigration Clinic. Take advantage of this remarkable opportunity to “double your donation” to LUM and increase your impact in helping our immigrant neighbors, thanks to the wonderful generosity of the Sheth family. 

Here is how it works: make a donation to the LUM Immigration Clinic by Monday, November 30 and Drs. Ketan & Tanuja Sheth will match all donations up to $30,000! As an immigrant and the child of immigrants themselves, Ketan and Tanuja understand the importance of quality immigration services being available to those most in need and are passionate about the impact the LUM Immigration Clinic has on our community.

All money goes to support local legal immigration services through the LUM Immigration Clinic, which in 2019 helped 256 individuals with immigration and naturalization processes, providing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of certified legal counsel. The effect of this assistance has been nothing short of life-changing to those immigrants who receive it. 

One person recently wrote to LUM stating, “It’s hard to put into words the impact your help has made in our lives… Since obtaining [the LUM Immigration Clinic’s] help with our immigration process, my husband was able to obtain his work permit and his income has helped me out with my family and school debt. I no longer have to work two or three jobs. I no longer have to miss important family moments. I no longer have to choose work over my health… We would not be where we are today without your help.” 

Please seize this wonderful chance to double your financial impact in assisting our neighbors. Thank you to Drs. Ketan and Tanuja Sheth for their generosity and challenge, and thanks in advance for any financial support you choose to give. 

To take advantage of this Match Program, click the button below.

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