LUM Baskets Wins – $400 Donated to LUM

Richelle in a HandBasket – “Let’s Bid!” Fundraiser

This week, Richelle from Richelle in a HandBasket presented Joe Micon, LUM executive director, with a check for $400. Richelle in a HandBasket in collaboration with Greater Lafayette Commerce coordinated a fundraiser in which individuals and companies were invited to bid on four gift baskets, each designed by a staff member of Greater Lafayette Commerce with a designated charitable organization. Kim Murray selected LUM as the charity for her basket — and it WON! Kim shared that she selected LUM because her children are enrolled in the LUM After School Program – and they love it!

Special thank you to Richelle in a HandBasket for coordinating the fundraising event and matching the highest bidder. Thanks also to Greater Lafayette Commerce, Kim Murray and the highest bidder, Dave Mecklenburg. To view the video of the check presentation, click the image above.

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