Meet Judge Tom Busch – LUM Volunteer & Donor

Local Judge Engages with Immigration Clinic

Judge Tom Busch has valued the work of the LUM Immigration Clinic since it opened in 2014. After a new US immigration policy was implemented in April 2018 resulting in federal authorities separating children from their parents, Judge Busch was moved to get engaged and started volunteering with the LUM Immigration Clinic.

Judge Tom Busch grew up in Chicago & California and lives in West Lafayette with his wife, Kathy. Judge Busch earned a bachelor’s degree from University of Chicago and a law degree from New York University. He and Kathy are retired and have three grown children. Their son lives in New York City, one daughter lives in Italy and their other daughter, San Francisco. His love of his family and seeing them often was the reason he decided to retire from the bench in Tippecanoe Circuit Court in 2017 after serving for 15 years. Judge Tom Busch is currently Senior Judge in Tippecanoe County, serving when needed.

Judge Busch shared that,

“the LUM Immigration Clinic is essential and doing very important work. It would be great if others would step up and volunteer because there is a lot of work to be done.”

With LUM, Judge Busch has been assigned two “permission to stay” cases so far. One is a petition for “U nonimmigration” status and the second is an attempt to get asylum. Judge Tom Busch not only engages as a volunteer but also has invested in the LUM Immigration Clinic financially.

Susan Brouillette, the LUM Immigration Clinic director, stated,

“We are humbled and honored to call Judge Busch a volunteer. His reputation as a fair, methodical and hard working lawyer and judge is unparalleled. We are so fortunate to have him serving this community in another meaningful and needed way through the LUM Immigration Clinic.”

If you too wish to support the LUM Immigration Clinic, donate & attend Port of Hope THIS Thursday (November 8). For more details about Port of Hope, click HERE.

If you wish to become a volunteer with the LUM Immigration Clinic, go to our website (www.lumserve.org/volunteer) or email Susan Brouillette at sbrouillette@lumserve.org.

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