6 Ways YOU Can Still Support HUNGER HIKE

Each year at this time about 85% of the Hunger Hike goal has been reached. So it’s important that you still raise funds and give. Here are 5 ways you can still help Hunger Hike reach its goal:

  1. Buy limited edition Hunger Hike T-shirts – all weekend at St. Thomas Aquinas Center.
  2. Make a Donation NOW, HERE
  3. Support a Hiker or Team, HERE— then click the TEAM tab
  4. Attend the Dine for $$ Fundraising Nights (see above), view coupon sheet HERE
  5. Volunteer at the Great Pumpkin Patch, NOW – October 31 (see above), sign up HERE
  6. If you have a First Giving page — send it out again to all of your contacts asking for more donations. HERE

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Hunger Hike

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