LUM Staff Retreat 2017

The staff of Lafayette Urban Ministry recently participated in a daylong “retreat.” The LUM staff gathered at Hanging Rock Christian Assembly Camp, West Lebanon.

The main retreat topics for discussion were reviewing job duties, feedback on the LUM “clients” website, and planning for LUM’s future. Overall, it was a very productive day filled with lively discussion allowing everyone to give input resulting in great ideas for serving clients better in all of the LUM program areas.

Additionally the retreat gave the LUM staff an opportunity to learn more about each other — creating a stronger, more effective team. By the end of the day, everyone was refreshed and motivated to be more effective in their work with clients, guests, students & families.

Thanks to Hanging Rock Christian Assembly Camp for hosting the retreat.

Picture above L to R —
Row 1: Nikolas Ballard, Amanda Bajzatt, Gayle Koning, Susan Brouillette;
Row 2: Lafayetta Tellis, Gina Williams, Joe Micon, Cindy Haley;
Row 3: Tiara Neal, Joshua Holmes, Tricia Sembroski, Clarinda Crawford, Ernie Haupt, Ben Murphy, Linda Hicks;
not pictured: Pablo Malavenda

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