LUM Hosts Purdue Religious Leaders

purduefalltowerLast week, LUM hosted the regular meeting of the University Religious Leaders of Purdue. URL is a consortium of religious leaders who serve Purdue students in West Lafayette. LUM provided the space, the LUM Ray Ewry Youth Center, and a simple lunch — and Joe Micon, LUM executive director, was given an opportunity to offer brief remarks to the religious leaders of Purdue.

Micon shared with them the many opportunities to engage their student members in VOLUNTEER service opportunities through LUM. The opportunities range from working one-on-one with the students in the After School Program to helping run the Emergency Homeless Shelter.

There are also volunteer needs with each LUM event — including Jubilee Christmas, the Turkey Trot 5K, Community Thanksgiving Celebration, Port of Hope, LUM Follies, and Hunger Hike. There are additional opportunities to work directly with LUM clients through the Good Samaritan Program, Tax Assistance, ID Clinic and Immigration Clinic.

LUM has enjoyed a good partnership with the URL — and this was a great opportunity to reinforce that relationship.

If you or your group wishes to volunteer with LUM, go to our website to explore and sign up online—click HERE. There are immediate LUM volunteer needs with Jubilee Christmas, the Turkey Trot 5K Run, After School Program, Community Thanksgiving Celebration, and Port of Hope.


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