LUM Staff Retreat 2016

The staff of Lafayette Urban Ministry recently participated in a daylong “retreat.” The staff gathered in a beautiful home along the Tippecanoe River in Carroll County.

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LUM Staff — front row: Susan Brouillette, Linda Hicks, Tricia Sembroski, Lavelle Felix, Joe Micon; second row: Pablo Malavenda, Cindy Haley, Clarinda Crawford, Amanda Druhan, Marilyn Zerbes; back row: Tyrus Lister, Martin Heartfield, Joshua Holmes, Michael Nocentelli

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The main topic for discussion was how to use the LUM website to better serve LUM “client”
using the LUM website. It was a productive day filled with lively discussion giving everyone a chance to give input on the benefits, drawbacks, appearance and content of the proposed “client online portal.” Small group and large group discussions resulted in many great ideas for serving clients in all of the LUM program areas.

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Additionally the retreat gave the LUM staff an opportunity to learn more about each other — creating a stronger, more effective team. By the end of the day, everyone was refreshed and motivated to better serve our clients, guests, students & families.

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Thanks to Deb Parent who attended as a liaison to the LUM Board of Directors and Susan Brouillette for hosting the retreat. The staff also enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Klein Brot Haus Bakery in downtown Brookston.

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