Move That Bill Forward #1 — Immigrant Myth

C4HF_BW_logoThis summer LUM is scheduled to unveil and open their Immigration Clinic.   As we prepare for the opening, the LUM Campaign for Hoosier Families would encourage you to write or call our Congressman, Todd Rokita, and ask him to at least allow for immigration reform to come to the floor. You should also demand that he work with his colleagues to find a way to support legislation that would enable those who have invested through their labor and love for this country to be able to stay.  To that end C4HF is going to provide a fact or story that you may use as a talking point when communicating with Congressman Rokita — or in conversations with friends and relatives.  C4HF hopes that these facts will be both enlightening and empowering. C4HF calls this series “Move That Bill Forward.” Below is the first talking point.

Move that Bill Forward #1 

Immigrants bring crime to US communities

move that bill forward logoFacts:
Immigrants come seeking economic opportunity, and crime jeopardizes that opportunity. The past two decades have shown significant increases in immigrant populations, yet crime rates have dropped significantly during the same period. Immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than native-born residents and the gap between these two populations increased from 1980-2000. Under the Secure Communities program, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials can detain and deport individuals who have committed crimes. While intended to enhance the safety of communities, police leaders have expressed concern that these programs may have the opposite effect by increasing immigrants’ fear of law enforcement officials and making them less likely to report crimes when they are victims or witnesses.

Source:  “10 Immigrant Myths” Catholic Legal Immigration Network.  2012

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