LUM Volunteer of the Month – Bob Shockey

LUM Volunteer of the Month – April 2024

Bob Shockey is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and now resides in West Lafayette with his wife, Diane. They are proud parents of three adult children and three grandsons. One of their daughters, Elizabeth, has made her home in Charlotte, NC; while their second daughter, Sarah, resides in Chicago, IL. Their son, David, also calls West Lafayette, IN, home, with his three sons.

Join us in congratulating Bob Shockey for being selected the LUM Volunteer of the Month for April 2024.

Bob has volunteered with LUM for more than five years and is the current vice president of the LUM Board of Directors, representing representing Purdue Christian Campus House, where his son, Dave, is the Pastor of Mobilization & Director of Prayer. In addition to serving as a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Council, he is a member of the Development Committee, volunteers at the LUM Emergency Shelter, and was the chair of the Buildings & Grounds Committee. His wife, Diane, also volunteers with LUM with the Financial Assistance Program.

Bob generously shares his leadership experience and development expertise, guiding LUM to a better future. His outstanding leadership qualities, combined with his good humor and encouragement for others to engage, have rightfully earned him the well-deserved honor of being selected as the LUM Volunteer of the Month for April.

When reflecting on his involvement with LUM, Bob believes that,

“Where there’s ‘life & heat’ or passion & purpose led by God, there’s vibrant life and divine guidance at play, echoing the sentiments of Matthew 25.”

Bob encourages others to get involved with LUM adding that,

“There is immense personal satisfaction in making a tangible difference for people. As they say, ‘The pay ain’t great, but the retirement benefits are out of this world!’”

Bob earned a bachelor’s degree in History from Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH) and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA). He recently retired as the senior business manager in the Garden Division of WestRock Company.

In addition to volunteering at LUM, Bob enjoys hanging out with his family, reading, playing chess, road & mountain biking, hiking and unwinding at the family’s lake house in Michigan. Bob also shared that, “Amo l’Italia soprattutto le persone e il cibo!” Adding that he loves Italy and has been learning to speak Italian.

Let’s extend our heartfelt congratulations to Bob Shockey for his well-deserved recognition as the LUM Volunteer of the Month for April 2024.

If you’re inspired by Bob’s story and wish to join the LUM family as a volunteer, check out the LUM website or call or email the LUM volunteer coordinator, Terri Anderson (volunteer@LUMserve.org | 765-423-2691).

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