LUM Camp – It’s a Blast! Join Us This July

LUM Camp is Transformative & Life-Changing

LUM Camp relies on a team of volunteers and operates on a scholarship basis. Most people understand the enchantment of camp. It’s is a source of vitality, nurturing positive identity, social skills, physical and cognitive abilities, and fostering positive values.

  • LUM Camp is TRANSFORMATIVE, with growth experiences that endure long after the final campfire.
  • LUM Camp is an absolute BLAST, often cited as the highlight of the summer for most of our campers.

What’s in it for the CAMPERS? Quite simply, an unforgettable experience with lifelong impacts. Studies affirm that a week at camp can yield enduring benefits, including heightened self-confidence, improved social and motor skills, enhanced curiosity, spiritual growth, and a more positive sense of self. LUM Camp, tailored for ages 8-10, promises a medley of outdoor adventures, creative pursuits, water activities, and more.

What’s in it for the COUNSELORS? They’ll earn 100 volunteer hours, enjoy complimentary delicious meals, engage with local youth, make a significant difference in a child’s life, form new friendships with fellow counselors, and partake in a week filled with fun. If you’re unable to volunteer, please consider contributing $300 to sponsor a child. Each donation has a meaningful impact.

For any inquiries, please reach out to Wes Tillett, lead counselor, at wtillett@LUMserve.org. Come join us for LUM Camp! And please, spread the word. Your support of LUM Camp changes lives.

Are you willing? Are you ready to make a difference?




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