Meet Margaret & Adelia – LUM Volunteers of the Month

March marks Women in History Month, and LUM is celebrating the incredible contributions and impact of the Women of LUM, who lead, care, give, and serve in our community.

In the spirit of honoring exceptional individuals whose selfless contributions enrich our community, Lafayette Urban Ministry is delighted to announce Dr. Margaret Hass & Adelia Sorge as the Volunteers of the Month for March 2024. These outstanding volunteers at the LUM Immigration Clinic have demonstrated unwavering dedication, compassion, and leadership in their commitment to serving others.

Dr. Margaret Hass & Adelia Sorge exemplify the transformative power of volunteerism and the profound impact of individuals dedicated to serving others. Their tireless efforts at the LUM Immigration Clinic have touched countless lives, offering hope, support, and guidance to immigrants in need.

As Volunteers of the Month for March 2024, Margaret & Adelia remind us of the importance of compassion, empathy, and community spirit in building a more inclusive society. In honoring Dr. Margaret Hass and Adelia Sorge, LUM recognizes not only their individual excellence but also the collective power of volunteers to effect positive change and create a brighter future for all. Join us in congratulating Dr. Margaret Hass & Adelia Sorge for being selected the LUM Volunteer of the Month for March 2024.

If you would like to volunteer with LUM, check out the LUM website or call or email the LUM volunteer coordinator, Terri Anderson (volunteer@LUMserve.org | 765-423-2691).

Read more about Margaret & Adelia below.

Dr. Margaret Hass’s journey from her roots in Lafayette to becoming a leading advocate for immigrant rights is nothing short of inspiring. Graduating from Jefferson High School, Margaret’s academic pursuits took her across continents, culminating in a PhD in Cultural Studies from prestigious institutions in Italy, Germany, and India.

Currently, Margaret is a lecturer in the Purdue Language and Cultural Exchange (PLaCE) program, where she imparts her knowledge and passion for intercultural learning to students. As the president of Greater Lafayette Immigrant Allies, she tirelessly champions inclusivity and social justice in our community.

Margaret’s commitment to making Lafayette a more welcoming place for all extends beyond her professional roles. Since 2016, she has been a dedicated volunteer at the LUM Immigration Clinic, providing invaluable support and guidance to immigrants navigating the complexities of the legal system. Her accreditation as a representative in 2019 further underscores her commitment to serving others with expertise and compassion. Margaret is excited to attend CLINIC Convening with the LUM Immigration Clinic director, Christian Gallo. Convening is an annual conference that provides a comprehensive education on immigration law, program management and advocacy.

Adelia Sorge’s journey to becoming a pillar of support at the LUM Immigration Clinic is rooted in her deep sense of empathy and dedication to service. Hailing from Oakwood, Ohio, Adelia’s academic achievements include two Master’s degrees in Child Development and Counseling from Purdue University.

Retiring as an academic advisor at the Purdue Krannert School of Management, Adelia found renewed purpose in volunteering with LUM since 2015. She embodies the values of compassion and community engagement as active members of St. John’s Episcopal Church.

With three children and eight grandchildren, Adelia’s commitment to family and community shines through in her volunteer work. Her background in psychology and counseling enriches her interactions with immigrants at the LUM Immigration Clinic, where she provides a nurturing environment for individuals seeking support and guidance.

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