LUM Volunteer of the Month – Chad Coats

LUM Volunteer of the Month – February 2024

Chad began volunteering at LUM approximately five months ago and has swiftly made a notable difference. Serving as an afternoon receptionist and overseeing food donations, including the To-Go Meals distributed daily at the LUM office and nightly at the Winter Warming Station, his contributions are invaluable. What sets Chad apart is his eagerness to assist with any task, no matter how unexpected. From assembling new shelter equipment to mounting a TV in the youth center and constructing shelves for the food programs, he showcases his versatility and willingness to lend a hand. His talents are evident, and he graciously shares them with joy and humility, which makes him the perfect recipient of the LUM Volunteer of the Month honor.

When reflecting on his involvement with LUM, Chad shares that,

“The LUM volunteer experience is truly special. It is very humbling (and at times, heart-wrenching) to see the scale and variety of the human needs that exist within this community. But it is also truly amazing how LUM, and specifically those who work for and with LUM, are committed to easing those tremendous community needs. And these wonderful people at LUM do all of this while treating those in need in a very compassionate and dignified way. It is nearly unbelievable that one organization can do so many different programs that touch so many people within the community. I benefit so much more from volunteering with LUM than I can possibly provide in return in the hours that I spend as a volunteer.”

Chad encourages others to get involved with LUM adding that,

“Volunteering with LUM allows my efforts to either directly help someone in need within the community or, just as importantly, help the tireless people within LUM whose mission is to help those in need. I feel that my personal mission is to serve the servants.”

Chad grew up in Oxford, Indiana, and now lives in Otterbein. He graduated from Benton Central High School and earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Chad is currently “fixing a farm” (electrical and mechanical work) but he’d like to be an engineer when he grows up. In his free time, Chad enjoys keeping up with engineering and technology trends and spending time with his four nieces and two nephews and attending their activities.

Join us in congratulating Chad E. Coats for being selected the LUM Volunteer of the Month for February 2024.

If you would like to volunteer with LUM, check out the LUM website or call or email the LUM volunteer coordinator, Terri Anderson (volunteer@LUMserve.org | 765-423-2691).

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