Engaging with LUM for a Stronger Community

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Here are various ways to actively get involved with LUM and make a positive impact in the community in 2024.

Donate Financially

  • Make a direct financial contribution through the LUM website or in person at the LUM office.
  • Set up recurring donations to provide consistent and ongoing support.

Food & Supplies Drive

  • Organize a food and supplies drive within your community, workplace, or among friends.
  • Collect non-perishable items and essential supplies to contribute to the LUM Food Pantries.

Volunteer Your Time

Host Fundraising Initiatives

  • Take the lead in organizing fundraising events within your community, workplace, or social circles to generate financial support for LUM.
  • Encourage others to actively participate in these initiatives, amplifying the impact of your collective efforts.

Explore Corporate Partnerships

  • If you represent a business or organization, investigate potential partnerships with LUM for joint initiatives or support.
  • Collaborate on projects or programs that align with both your organization’s mission and LUM’s goals.

By actively participating in these ways, you contribute significantly to the success and impact of Lafayette Urban Ministry, positively influencing the lives of those in the community. Your commitment and support are integral to advancing the LUM mission and creating a stronger, more resilient future for all.

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