Jubilee Christmas Illuminates Community Joy

Radiant Success, Joy and Economic Impact

LUM Jubilee Christmas 2023 sparkled with festivity, warmth, and resounding success. This past Saturday, across 28 different locations, 662 households joined in the Jubilee Christmas celebration, bringing joy to 1,826 children. This monumental endeavor involved nearly 1,200 dedicated volunteers, boosted by the generosity of donors who contributed gifts, food, clothing, and books valued at more than $250,000Jubilee Christmas stands as a remarkable, community-wide initiative.

Beyond its impact on individuals and families, LUM Jubilee Christmas plays a vital role in bolstering the local retail economy. Many of the gifts and most of the food are sourced locally, and $35,000 worth of gift cards find their way back into the community. The ripple effect extends further, as the program anticipates a decrease in clients seeking emergency rent and utility assistance through the LUM Financial Assistance Program in January and February. LUM Jubilee Christmas radiates its positive influence across various facets of the community. To view PHOTOS from Jubilee Christmas 2023, click HERE.

Our entire community came together to make Jubilee Christmas a memorable and joyful experience! Special thanks to Josh Prokopy, the LUM Jubilee Christmas director, and all of the JC Host Site coordinators, host sites & volunteers. (For a complete list of 2023 JC Host Sites, click HERE.) If you participated or made a donation this year, THANK YOU! And, Merry Christmas!

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