LUM Board Advocating for Food Security

Writing Letters in Support of the Farm Bill

The LUM Board of Directors is taking a determined stance against food insecurity. They are actively championing the reauthorization of the Farm Bill and appealing to U.S. Representative Jim Baird to increase support for families facing food insecurity.

Recognizing the Farm Bill’s pivotal role in tackling this issue, LUM has been actively involved in initiatives such as co-sponsoring The Working Hungry event and Hunger Hike, in addition to collaborating with like-minded organizations. In a recent board meeting, members took time out to write postcards addressed to U.S. Representative Jim Baird, who plays a key role on the Agriculture Committee responsible for the Farm Bill. Their aim is to draw Representative Baird’s attention by sharing personal stories of individuals affected by food insecurity, hoping to underscore LUM’s longstanding dedication to this cause.

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