LUM is Changing the Trajectory of Lives

A Letter from Wes Tillett, Executive Director

One year ago, I wrote a letter about a Ukrainian refugee family who were able to legally settle in Greater Lafayette with the help of the LUM Immigration Clinic. The husband/father had to remain in the Ukraine to fight in the war. At that time the family commented, “You gave us hope.”

It saddens me to inform you that recently the husband/father was killed in the war in Ukraine. After initially being denied, the woman called Christian Gallo, LUM Immigration Clinic director, who worked to secure not only the paperwork to get her to Ukraine for the funeral but also the paperwork to get her safely and legally back to the US and reunited with her two school-age children. Thanks to the LUM Immigration Clinic, this Ukrainian family has some closure.

This is one of the 291 individual cases that were aided in 2022. There is not enough space here to tell all the stories of our neighbors who were reunited with loved ones, able to flee from abusive situations, or able to secure the proper documentation to live and study and work and drive in the US.

Because of generous financial supporters, the LUM Immigration Clinic is able to continue this good work. I ask you to please consider a donation of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or some other amount. Thank you in advance for your support of the LUM Immigration Clinic.


Wes TillettExecutive DirectorLafayette Urban Ministry

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