LUM Camp 2023 Recruiting Counselors

FUN + IMPACT = AWESOME | July 24 – 28

LUM is looking for a few good people to have a blast with local children from local low-income families during the last week of July. 

Are you willing?

LUM Camp is July 24-28 (Monday-Friday) at Hanging Rock Camp in Warren County. LUM camp counselors and campers alike will enjoy swimming, zip-lining, wall-climbing, eating, horseback-riding and so much more.

  • What’s in it for the Counselors? 100 volunteer hours. Free delicious meals. Connecting with a younger generation. Making a significant impact on a child’s life. New friendships with other counselors. A week of fun. 
  • What’s in it for the Campers? Honestly, the time of their lives that continues to ripple out for the rest of their lives. Studies show a week of camp can have life-long benefits for self-confidence, social skills, gross & fine motor skills, curiosity, spirituality, and overall positive identity. 

Any questions, please email Wes Tillett, lead counselor (wtillett@LUMserve.org). LUM Camp is an absolutely amazing week. Come be part of it! Please SHARE.

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